About us Fincci

The Fincci Brand

Founded by enthusiastic cyclists, Fincci fills a gap in the market with affordable, high quality tyres, replacement bike parts and cycle gear. Many cyclists will recognize the struggle to find great tyres at a reasonable price. This struggle led to the development of the Fincci line and its launch in 2016: after trying almost every option out there, we had found that expensive tires were too costly to wear out on a daily commute and bumped up the cost of our regular rides while cheap tyres often stank of rubber and wore out far too quickly – sometimes after just 100km!

Focussing on quality, Fincci products use carefully selected, high quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that each item offers great quality at a great price. All products come with a warranty and have passed or exceeded relevant safety and quality standards, including CE and ISO certification. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and welcome after-sales feedback.



A UK-based company, Fincci started small. We launched with just a few high-quality yet affordable bicycle tyres and inner tubes. Through listening to customer feedback, we’ve been able to improve our products and expand our range to include other cycling essentials and replacement parts. We are constantly researching and exploring materials and manufacturing processes to allow us to offer more top quality cycle parts and accessories at prices that make your favourite rides budget friendly.

At Fincci, our goal is to be a small part of great adventures, and we’re always thrilled to get feedback from our customers. We’re proud to say your response has been overwhelmingly positive – and that your few criticisms have helped us develop and improve over the years. Today, we’re looking forward to more great products, more money saved for our customers and, of course, more great rides.